Cranmore Community Co-Operative Society

Pride of Place Picture 2014Developed in a series of phases from 1975-1982 and with a population of approximately 2,500, Cranmore is the largest housing estate in the North West of Ireland.

Situated in a designated RAPID area (Revitalising Access through Planning  Investment and Development) the experience of disadvantage has had a detrimental affect on the social fabric of the area and has led to an apathetic attitude in the local community towards engaging in community development.

Ireland over the last number of years has benefited from massive changes in economic terms but it is obvious that the benefits of this Celtic Tiger economy has been largely absent from the Cranmore area.

Although Cranmore appears to suffer from a negative reputation within the wider Sligo area and many local residents complaining of experiencing discrimination and prejudice, there are significant positive aspects of Cranmore which must not be underestimated.  Cranmore is centrally located to Sligo town which affords people the advantage of being close to a developing urban centre.  Indeed during the consultation this was mentioned by many of the sample (see below).  Further, there is a sense of pride and ownership which is long established and promoted among sectors of the local community: there are ‘communities within communities’ in Cranmore.  The high numbers of young people living in Cranmore suggest that the energy and drive necessary to propel this regeneration are to be found locally.  The existing community structures in Cranmore offer strength to local structures.  Many groups use the centres on a daily basis.  This augurs well for the regeneration process.  The fostering of a community identity that accentuates the positive aspects of Cranmore must be central to the regeneration programme.

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