About us

Co-op Mission statement

”As the Official voice of The Cranmore Community, we work together to empower the people enhance their quality of life, while liaising with statutory for the provision of facilities and services”


By working together we aim to:

  • Increase the number of people taking part in good quality community programmes which will develop their skills , abilities, and confidence to reach their full potential.
  • Inform people where they can access information and relevant services.
  • Raise the Morale of the Community
  • Represent the community in negotiation facilities and services
  • Facilitate Community Education Programmes
  • Provide supports to other community groups
  • Deliver programmes and events(environment, culture etc.)


  • Community Representation
  • Democracy
  • Community Ownership
  • To feed into Cramore Regeneration Project

Board of Management:

Chairperson:    Annmarie Snee

Vice Chair:        Michelle McMorrow

Secretary:          Arriana Somers

Treasurer:         Jennifer Tiernan

Vice Treasurer:  Clare Heslin


Maureen Dunbar

Dolly Loftus

Betty McMorrow

Martin Ryan

Sharon Looby

Mark Feeney

Jennifer Howley

Jude Gilligan